Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

[1970] Wizz Jones - America

listen to the song:

well, I have not found any infos to this song, but I think we can say, it sounds like 1970-1973. Guitar, Sitar and great lyrics by Wizz Jones. Enjoy! greetings, amadeus :)

At the Norwich Folk Festival


The Irate Pirate hat gesagt…

Thanks! I love Wizz Jones.
I've heard of your blog "Govinda's Dream" (at least I think it's yours), but when I tried to see it, it was closed to the public. Any chance I could get an invitation? You can contact me via my blog, grapewrath.blogspot.com


Anonymous hat gesagt…

Your Blog is so great, i can't describe it ;-( ... Please keep up the good work!