Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

[1969] Tomorrow Come Someday - Someone Like You

listen to the song:

wow, thanks to bilbo1742 for this great entry into one of his wunderful lists on rym. Soft female voice, sounds a bit like Vashti Bunyan. Than you can enjoy the feeling you sometimes have by listening to "Going Up The Country", the kind of singing and playing the flute, and I would rate it with 5/5 stars. The album, where this song is taken from was released 1969 and totally unknown for me and alot of you I think... tell me, what ya think about it, would enjoy some feedback ;):) greetings, amadeus

The self titled LP "Tomorrow Come Someday "


Anonymous hat gesagt…

Thanx man!
Great music...Alice...Agincourt...
Don't have this one.
Is it possible to upload it?

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

well, I have no time at the moment, but you can download it here :):

Tomorrow Come Someday - 1969 - Tomorrow Come Someday

A1 Title Theme 2:42
A2 Someone Like You 3:53
A3 March of the Civil Servants 1:40
A4 Bluebottle Stripe 1:53
A5 Setting Sun 2:19
A6 On Location 2:30
B1 Everything Has Its Place 2:23
B2 Fishing 1:48
B3 Tomorrow Come Someday 2:34
B4 Love Theme 2:32
B5 Honesty 3:29
B6 Windfall Wood 2:31
greetings, amadeus :)

Anonymous hat gesagt…

Great! Thank you brother!
Now I got all of four Peter Howell's music incarnations. What a great music it is!
The 2nd of Perry Leopold is also beautiful, a masterpiece, if someone is interested.
Perry Leopold - Christian Lucifer

Govindas Dream hat gesagt…

thanks for the great music, I posted this on main page for you, so more people can see it :)
greetings, amadeus :)